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Soil and Water, Sci. Fac. Technol. Dev., Zagazig Univ., Egypt


A field experiment was carried out at the agronomy farm of Gazala village, Sharkia Government, Egypt season 2018 to study the effect of power mix, citrine and super blue green on some biochemical constituents of two varieties of soybean seeds. The following opteind results were summarized as the seed yield of Crawford variety was relatively greater than that of Giza111 variety. All treatments increased the seed yield, No. of pods per plant and weight of 100 seeds of both varieties. All treatments used decreased reducing and non-reducing sugars except citrine treatments which caused a slight increase. The percentage of total nitrogen fractions in Crawford seeds were higher than those of Giza111. Solubility of protein fractions from all treatments with water solutions on both varieties recorded the highest values as compared with solubility of protein fractions either with acetic acid or with sodium hydroxide. Oil content of soybean seeds was increased at the applications of all treatments. Acid value and free fatty acids of oil were not affected with treatment, while it can be noticed a slight increase in values of saponification and iodine value. Crawford variety recorded higher values of total amino acids than those of Giza111 variety and it can be noticed an increase in total amino acid content with all treatments. The percentage of sapontificated fatty acids in Crawford variety were higher than those of Giza111 variety. Unsaponifiables of Giza111 seeds were greater than those of Crawford seeds. All treatments gave slight increase of P and K percentages, but Na percentage of Giza111seeds was slightly decreased. Also, the percentage of Fe was increased, while the percentage of Na and Mn were not affected at foliar application on Crawford seeds.