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Agron. Dept., Fac. Agric., Zagazig Univ., Egypt


A field experiment was conducted at the summer season of 2017, and then repeated at the summer season of 2018 in Agricultural Research Station. Faculty of Agric., Zigzag Univ., Sharkia Governorate, Egypt. The study investigated the impact of eleven nitrogen and five phosphorus fertilization regimes on some leaf traits 70 days after sowing (DAS) of maize cultivar single hybrid 168. Results showed that, 120kg N/fad., from different sources i.e., chemical fertilizer, compost and biofertilizers were effectless on number of leaves/plant at 70 days after sowing (DAS) of both seasons and their combined analysis. Number of leaves either under or above the ear of mono eared maize plant were not affected due to applying different nitrogen fertilization regimes studied. Leaf area/maize plant was significantly affected in the first season only. The largest leaf erea/plant (4254.22 cm2/plant) was obtained in the first season, with the appliance of the integrated N fertilization regime (90 kg N from chemical fertilizer +30 kg N from compost). Area of leaves under ear resulted from the integrated fertilization regime (cerealine + 60 kg chemical N+ 60 kg N from compost) was larger than that in the control treatment by 30.94% based on combined results. Regarding to the area of leaves above the ear, results of the 1st season displayed that area of leaves above the ear were at par in treatments N2, N3, N4, N5 and N6. Application of either 120kg chemical fertilizer (N2) or 90 kg chemical N +30 kg N from compost (N3) was conjucated with larger values of leaf area index comparably with other regimes. According to combined analysis, ear leaf area ranged from 481.87 cm2 in control treatment to 625.89 cm2 in the integrated nitrogen fertilization regimes comprised of cerealine + 60 kg chemical N/fad. + 60 kgN from compost. From the results of combined analysis, it could be noted that tassel leaf area ranged between 150.99 to 217.87 cm2 under biofertilization (N11) and the integrated fertilization regimes (N8)in the same order. Insignificant phosphorus fertilization effect under study on maize leaf traits studied at 70DAS, was recorded in both seasons and the combined analysis.