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Food Sci. Dept., Fac. Agric., Zagazig Univ., Egypt


This study was carried out to investigate the chemical composition, antioxidant activity and phenolic compounds of persimmon puree and evaluate the impact of utilizing persimmon puree on some chemical, physical and organoleptic properties of cupcake. Persimmon puree was added to cupcake at a ratio of 33.3, 50, 66.6 and 83.3%. Results showed that persimmon puree contained 20% total soluble solids, 73.59 % moisture, 32.5mg/100g vitamin C, 416.5 mg/100g carotenoids. The major polyphenols identified in persimmon puree (in ppm) were Pyrogallol (183.40) , Catechol (8.34), Ellagic (6.66), Epicatechein (6.56), Benzoic (5.05), Caffeine (4.93), Caffeic acid (4.37), Chlorogenic acid (4.32), Vanillic acid (2.88), Catechein (2.77), P. Hydroxy-benzoic acid (2.61), Ferulic acid (2.05), Salycilic (2.05), P.coumaric acid  (1.32), Protocatchuic acid ( 1.11), Alpha-coumaric  (0.99) , Iso ferulic  (0.73), Coumarin (0.69), Gallic (0.59) , Reversetrol 0.51, 4-Amino benzoic( 0.48),  3-OH-Tyrosol (0.33), 3-4-5-Methoxy-Cinnamie (0.29) and Cinnamic (0.19). The major flavonoids detected in persimmon puree (in ppm) were Hisperidin (2.698), Rutin (0.104), Quercetrin (0.816),   Luteolin (0.559), Narengin (0.534), Hispertin (0.057), Rosmarinic (0.047), Quercetin (0.026), 7-OH-ydroxy flavone (0.012), Kampferol (0.007), and Apegnin (0.007). Addition of persimmon puree to cupcake affected the organoleptic properties of cupcake samples. Cupcake containing 33.3% persimmon puree had the highest score for physical and organoleptic properties compared to control and other treatments. Therefore this treatment was analyzed for total polyphenol content, antioxidants activity, physical and sensory properties. Results showed that persimmon puree cupcake had higher contents of total phenolic, vitamin c and antioxidant activity than control sample. Moreover, persimmon puree cupcake had higher scores for the organoleptic properties than control sample. Based on the previous results, it can be concluded that utilization of persimmon puree in cupcake manufacture at a ratio of 33.3% can improve the chemical, physical and organoleptic characteristics as well as antioxidant activity of cupcake.