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1 Biochem. Dept., Fac. Agric., Al Azhar Univ., Cairo, Egypt

2 Chem. at Cairo Univ. Res. Park (CURP), Egypt


The proteins considered a true expression of genetic characteristics in plant crops
and can be used for classifying of many varieties of different crops by using protein electrophoreses
SDS PAGE, to fractionate and characterize proteins. Results showed that barley crop whose varieties
had a protein C-hordein with molecular weight 21KDa which characterized in each variety but differ
in its percentage. Corn crop varieties were characterized by presence of zien protein with molecular
weight 19, 17 and 11KDa. While in rice crop, varieties were differed according to protein bands
especially in tublin protein with molecular weight 48KDa. Also, the varieties of wheat crop were
differed by percentage of some essential protein gliadin: gamma-beta-alpha, with molecular weight
58,42 and 35KDa, respectively. On the other hand, legumes crops: chickpea, faba bean and lentil
proteins could be characterized with a lot of protein bands and had been noticed greet difference in
kinds of protein or in its percentage of different varieties through molecular weight from 245KDa
(Gamma globulin protein) to 11KDa Vicilins proteins. While in fiber crops proteins: cotton and flax
were had a less protein bands which were appeared in some varieties of flax protein whose had one
protein band (conlinin) with molecular weight 18KD, also cotton protein varieties had different
percentages of 7S vicilins proteins with molecular weight 49 and 46KDa. Although oil crops:
peanuts, soybean and sunflower proteins had clear differences in all varieties as number of protein
bands and/or percentages. Peanuts varieties had the same protein bands their weights from 88KDa
(glutenin) to 19KDa (Conarachin) but as a different percentages in each variety. In soybean proteins
varieties there were differences in number of protein bands and percentages, sunflower varieties had
almost the same protein bands but differed in their percentages and their weights were between
245KDa to 11KDa. Results confirmed that protein electrophoreses could be used as a simple method
of classification of filed crop varieties.