Document Type : Original Article


1 Food Sci. and Technol. Dept., Fac. Agric. and Natural Res., Aswan Univ., Egypt

2 Agron. Dept., Fac. Agric. and Natural Res., Aswan Univ., Egypt


The present study was carried out to study performance and milling quality of the
plant (PC), first (FR), second (SR) and third ratoon (TR) crops of two varieties of sugar cane i.e., Giza
99/103 and Giza 99/160 during period from January to March of 2016/2017 working season. Both
varieties were planted under comparable conditions at Kom Ombo Sugar Cane Research Station Farm,
Aswan Governorate, Egypt. Results revealed that both varieties gave the highest normal juice
extraction average of 79.2% by the onset of January, bagasse (%) cane showed an opposite trend to
normal juice extraction whereas G 99/103 and G 99/160 recorded 36.8 and 37.3%, respectively. The
highest pol extraction reported for G 99/160 was 93.2 and lower pol (%) bagasse (2.64) compared to
3.15 for Giza 99/103. Sucrose reduction factor of the standard variety G 99/103 showed insignificant
variations among the different crops with an average of 0.98 for all the crops and 0.97 with G 99/160
variety. G 99/160 variety had an average varietal correction factor of 0.986. The recorded general
average for all crops and test dates for pol (%) cane, estimated recoverable sugars, pol (%) normal
juice and normal juice purity for the variety Giza 99/103 were 16.00, 14.75, 18.82 and 88.65;
respectively, compared to 14.63, 13.41, 17.50 and 88.2 for Giza 99/160 variety.