Document Type : Original Article


1 Plant Prod. Dept., Fac. Agric. (Saba Basha), Alex. Univ., Egypt

2 Agron. Dept., Cotton Res. Ins., Agric. Res. Cent., Giza, Egypt


Two field experiments were carried out at the Farm of Nubaria Agricultural
Research Station, Agricultural Research Center (ARC), Giza, Egypt, representing the newly reclaimed
desert land of North West, Egypt in Nubaria, which located at 46 Km South West of Alexandria city to
study the effect of irrigation regimes and NPK fertilization, earliness parameters, seed cotton yield, its
components of Egyptian cotton (Gossypium barbadense L.) cultivar Giza 94 was used which represent
long staple Egyptian cotton category in the two summer growing seasons of 2017 and 2018. The
experimental design was a split-split plot with four replications, where the irrigation regime treatments
were allocated to the main plots and the sub-main plots included NPK fertilization, while foliar
application treatments were taken place in sub-sub plots, where irrigation regimes were irrigation at
50% depletion of available soil moisture. (I1), irrigation at 70% depletion of available soil moisture
(I2) and irrigation at 90% depletion of available soil moisture (I3). While NPK-fertilizer rates were
100% of NPK recommended doses (75 kg N, 31 P2O5 and 48 K2O/fad.), 75% of NPK recommended
doses (56.3 kg N, 23.3 P2O5 and 36 K2O/fad.) and 50% of NPK recommended doses (37.5 kg N, 15.5
P2O5 and 24 K2O/fad.). Foliar application treatments were control (water), potassium silicate (two
times at the rate of 1 kg/fad., before flowering and two weeks later), extractable mixed of algae, amino
acids and micronutrients (two times at the rate of 1 L/fad., before flowering and two weeks later).The
results revealed that growth and yield attributes of cotton were affected by water stress under NPK
fertilization and foliar application, in this respect the highest value of growth, yield characters were
achieved under irrigation regime (50% depletion of available soil moisture) and recommended dose of
NPK and foliar application of Algal extracts + amino acids + micronutrient) under Nubaria conditions.